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The basis and success potential of our work

Our aim is to support our clients in an enthusiastic and creative way and enable them to define, structure and develop
their product  independently and attentively as well as to recognise their potential in marketing and with target groups.

Using efficient and practical methods we want to play an important role in the success of our customers.

  • Identify ourselves with every project and client. To reach project targets in an enthusiastic way.
  • Absolute discretion at all times is the foundation of a trustworthy co-operation.
  • Being independant and free we are able to make independant recommendations concerning what really is
    necessary in order to reach our targets. We are not under obligation to either agents or other business services.
  • Sensitivity and understanding relating to the internal and external potential and challenges of a business.
  • Longstanding experience in management and leadership in areas of marketing, sales and communication on
    behalf of many businesses and  various markets.
  • Expertise  in more than a thousand communication projects  and on/offline campaigns.
  • A sensitive approach to aesthetics and design plays an important role in sustaining quality when staging brands.
  • Exactitude is a prerequisite in attaining the highest standard of quality in all details from the analysis to the implementation.
  • Integration  and networking of all internal and external resources in order to maximise the effectiveness of  implemented measures.



  • Strategy and consulting in marketing, communication and distribution
  • Brand Design on and offline
  • Online marketing and SEO marketing
  • Communication and Campaign Management
  • Implementation and Project Management
  • Customer and Target Group Marketing
  • Processes and Workflow
  • Coaching and Mediation