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Networking of Online Marketing Strategies

The foundation of a successful online marketing strategy is the targeted use of an optimized internet search engine strategy, which has to be specified for each individual firm – some examples of successful measures:

  • Comprehensive and relevant content and keyword strategy
  • Differentiation between SEO relevant keywords and search items for advertising in internet search engines such as Google Adwords.
  • Targeted matching of SEO-activities with top-keywords.
  • Continuous monitoring of keyword-rankings.
  • Efficient backlink strategy relating to connected target pages.
  • Regular updating of web contents, distinction of advertising pages.
  • Budgeting of resources necessary for the planning of contents, internally by firms and externally by those providing services.

These days SEO success is dependant on a variety of factors and necessitates a continuous optimizing of factors relevant to a firm. This is true for on-page as well as off-page measures.


  • Strategie & Beratung - Marketing, Kommunikation, Strukturen und Vertrieb
  • Marken Erscheinungsbild - On- und Offline
  • Online Marketing, Online Consulting
  • Suchmaschinenmarketing, SEO Marketing
  • Design, Brand Design, Webdesign
  • Kreation, Konzepte, Kampagnensteuerung
  • Kunden- und Zielgruppenmarketing
  • Maßnahmenrealisierung, Projektmanagement
  • Coaching, Mediation