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Using an efficient  marketing strategy our business lays the foundation for possibilities and a comprehensive strategy for firms and clients. We believe that authenticity and sustainability are extremely important for a business when bringing a product onto the market.

On behalf of businesses, clients, markets and target groups we develop not only practical and strategical measures but we are also consultants and market strategists. We act as strategic planners, creatives and designers, as well as being project and interim managers or coach and mentors.

We implement a tailor- made marketing strategy for a business after analysing their background,  their actual situation and their potential situation on the market.

Our work is based on extensive experience and expertise in dealing with the development and implementation of more than 1000 national und international marketing and communication projects on behalf of reputable firms and businesses.

bieber brand communication & consulting


  • Strategy and consulting in marketing, communication and distribution
  • Brand Design on and offline
  • Online marketing and SEO marketing
  • Communication and Campaign Management
  • Implementation and Project Management
  • Customer and Target Group Marketing
  • Processes and Workflow
  • Coaching and Mediation